I was looking for something special for my wife’s costume when I came across the Rosie the Robot from the Jetsons idea. So I made a trip to the recycling center to pick up some large pieces of cardboard. Then I went to the store to pick up 3 rolls of blue duct tape for Rosie’s body. My wife had a few craft supplies like colored paper, glue, Velcro, etc. After a few trips to the Value Store and the Dollar Store I had the shirt $1, gloves $1 and many pieces I needed to create this low priced costume. Some parts are just pieces of thing found in my garage.

The first problem was creating a pattern for Rosie’s body. So I played around and made several cardboard pieces until I found a size that would give me the shape I wanted. I did not use a square box for her top because I had a certain shape in mind. I also wanted to make it easy to store flat so I could assemble it at the party. Looking back I could have used a box and tweaked it the way I wanted. I needed to use Velcro flaps to hold all the sides together.

Rosie skirt is material attached like a wrap with Velcro and opened in the front for easy removal.

I created Rosie’s boot covers using plastic cut from an old window shade and covered in blue tape. Her white parts were all made with poster board. Total cost under $20.