After seeing Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland I knew I wanted to be the crazy Mad Hatter for Halloween. I started off by taping off vertical stripes on an old green dress. I painted the skirt of the dress purple, so that when the tape was removed there would be green and purple stripes. I bought a brownish blazer from the Salvation army, and replaced the button on it with a large green square button (it’s the little things!).

I bought a small sequined top hat from Spirit after several failed attempts at making my own. I used a paper towel to blot some green paint onto the hat. I bought some lacey material from Joann fabrics and some colorful feathers. I hot glued a lace band around the hat and added a little green paint to dirty it up. I made a tiny little 10/6 tag and burned the edges to age it. I glued that onto the band, along with some of the feathers I bought, and stuck a couple straight pins in it.

After buying a couple variety packs of thread, I sorted them by their color value and strung them into a sash using yarn. Thankfully, I had a pretty horrific red hair dye job at the time- so I didn’t need any orange hair spray. I teased my hair out and bobby pinned the hat into place. I used a colorful scarf my grandmother gave me as a bow tie. I wore lace leggings, crazy green high heels, and lace hand warmers. I bought an over sized mug at the Salvation army and used that as my cup all night! I got so many compliments- this was my favorite costume so far!