You ever have an idea so good  that you don’t have time to write it down you just do it?  Well that is what happened to me lol. My daughter originally wanted to be a chess piece then she wanted to be a peacock, and then finally the queen of hearts.  Being a stay at home and wife of a Marine, the budget is the first thing to consider.  I decided to go to the Dollar Tree to purchase the cards.

I bought about 5 boxes which had two decks per box.  I started with the top.  I used foam for the bodice and then applied the cards randomly  all over using hot glue….I had to scratch my head a little because it was looking boring.  Then out of nowhere PEPLUM came to mind.  I simply bent the card at the top and applied it on the top and proceeded to add about three layers…. At this point I was so tired  of seeing cards and I was no where near finished.  I had to take a break and regroup and get my thoughts together.

I decided to work on the tutu part until I figured out my next step.  Did I mention I had a very busy year and a half old baby boy that wanted his mommy during this?  Finally I got my thoughts together for the skirt.  I only used a stapler and a hot glue gun….I can’t even explain how I put it together but it turned out great lol.  I was kind of skeptical on the first row. I wanted to give up and throw in my cards(no pun intended ). However,  the more I worked with it the more I liked it.  Finally the skirt part was finished.  Next up was the head piece and the mask.  I simply cut the cards into triangles and just started building it up from there.  I purchased  the mask from a craft store and just applied the cards with hot glue and then went complete Edward Scissor Hands on the cards.

Finally, the costume  was complete and I didn’t die lol.  My daughter loved and told me she wants to save it for her kids which is a hundred  years from now!