Original Homemade ‘Lil Colonel Sanders Costume

I am always thinking of  “home made” yet fun Halloween costumes for my son. Last year, he won first place in a local costume contest as a sock monkey. He took home the first place title again this year with my version of  “Lil Colonel Sanders”.  A few weeks before the contest, I purchased the coat, pants, mustache and goatee on Ebay.

I bought a black bow tie and wrapped a black ribbon around it to hang at the bottom. I purchased a cheap pair of black square framed reading glasses and just popped the lenses out.  For his candy bucket, I poked a hole through 2 KFC chicken buckets and tied a thick black ribbon in the holes for him to carry it like a bucket. He also carried around a plastic chicken leg. Tons of people stopped me to take his picture. He pulled that costume off really well!