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Original Homemade Bender Costume

Last year i did a lego man costume. But this Bender costume required a lot more thought. But it came together very quickly and easily.

The body is made of all carboard. Cut the circly for the top, cut the hoke for my head, then attached cardboard all around. I put slits in the cardboard and overlapped them to create the tappered look.

The head is made of 10 inch sono tube. A layer of stryofoam and then a salad bowl on top. All taped together by duct tape.

The eyes are made of clear christmas ornaments that i painted.

The screen for the mouth is the material used to rug hooking.

The arms and legs are made of strips of bristol board covered in duct tape. I then attached them to my pants and made sleeves.

I got an antenna from a marine equipment place. And i used small lazor lights to give it a special effect.

The reactions were incredible. I won most original at the dance, and it was then peopke found out it was a girl inaide the costume and were all shocked hahha so glad i did this. I actually went to 3 parties with it. And it was a hit at each one.



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