Original Homemade Alien Halloween Costume

I made the head of this Alien Halloween costume out of paper mache (which is basically a mixture of 2 parts water, 1 part flour). I started by mixing it together until smooth and then I inflated a balloon the size of my child’s head,  and then I cut strips of newspaper into 1 inch strips which I dipped in the mixture of flour and water, then I placed layer by layer of the newspaper strips on the balloon until I got the desired effect. I let the layers dry before adding another layer.

I used black paint for the face and the eyes of the alien are 3 layers of tulle fabric that are glued from the inside so my child can see and walk. The boots are the bottom of an old costume that I cut off and wrapped in aluminum tape sold in hardware stores. I already had a green shirt and green pants. The gloves were painted to match the head with the same shade of green paint. The little ray gun is just a dollar store water gun.