Original Homemade Alien Costumes

The theme for this fancy dress was ‘bad taste’. Turning up to the event painted blue and yellow wearing swimming flippers and plastic ears definitely fitted the ‘bad taste’ profile.To creative this master piece my creative friend  made  two full body onsies complete with tails. We utilized swimming flippers for feet, deadly boppers for antenna , used plastic spook ears and even a plastic lizard tongue.

The best laugh was covering our face, neck, hands and feet in blue and yellow face paint….what a laugh. There was more paint on the furniture than on our bodies. We lacquered our hair into spikes and sprayed with copious amounts of colored hairspray. The funniest part of being an Alien for a night was when our friend arrived at the house to take us to the venue. We hadn’t told anyone about our fancy idea therefore, it was a bit of a shock when she arrived in the car. She was so shocked that she drove straight past us while we stood on the side of the road outside of my house. She stopped 200 yards down the road, got out of her car and shouted ‘I am not taking you anywhere looking like that’. We laughed so much I nearly wet myself.

Eventually, after lots laughing we persuaded her to take us in the car. When we arrived at the venue she shot inside and refused to be seen with us in public. Another great fancy dress night out.