Original Head on a Platter Carried by a Butler Costume

My name is Melissa and my daughter Olivia is 10yrs old. I have been making home made costumes for 3 yrs and it is very rewarding not just the prizes but just to see the look on peoples faces. It is priceless! I started with a backpack, just an old backpack and unzipped it. Stuck in a tall piece of light weight wood and a foam piece the exact same size. I secured it to the back pack by using a staple gun, then proceeded to drill holes to make wire clothes hangers his arms which makes them flexible, awesome!!

Then I drilled holes in my guys torso for later attaching the box (the table). I glued and wired the head on. It was a foam mannequin head. I applied tan make up (foundation) to the neck and head to match the mask I purchased which was perfect! I put a white dress shirt and a black blazer on my guy, a red tie and a hanky put on store bought plastic hands, shoved the wire in the wrist and then taped it. The jacket covered it, dressed my daughter in black men’s dress pants, black socks and black men’s dress shoes. Placed the back back which was full of a scary butler on her back.

My table was a cardboard box and it was covered by a white table cloth. I glued it to hold it in place then cut a half moon shape through the box and the aluminum platter (disposable) easy to cut, just enough for her head to fit through. By the way, I glued long skinny wood sticks on the inside left and right side of the box to later insert over her shoulders into the holes I made in the torso. The jacked covered the pointy stick nubs in the back. I went crazy on the decorations, cockroaches, rats wine glasses, utensils BLOODY SEVERED FINGERS, blood, anything to make it that much gross. Then I gave her  the dead head look, one of his plastic hands I placed on the table which I did not secure and kept smacking her in the face. The other I bent and put a white towel to make him look more realistic, and boy was he.

She won a mp4 player at school, that was her prize. Me? my prize? seeing little children cry and run away saying “WHERE ARE HER LEGS!!!!?????”I LOVE HALLOWEEN