Original and Fun Homemade Costume: A Piece of Sushi!

Trying to think outside the box this year was quite the challenge. All my friends are the normal things, a sexy cat, a sexy bunny, a sexy cop; the list goes on and on. But I just wanted to be super original and funny! I saw a dog costume that was a piece of sushi and thought to myself: now why on earth can’t a human be a piece of sushi?!

I started off with the headband, all made out of felt, I made wasabi, ginger, a soy sauce packet, and added chopsticks from Panda Express. Then I got the dress from American Aparell and made the sushi and seaweed belt myself. It all came together very well and I got compliments the entire night. The best part was that no one else had my costume. Which was exactly what I wanted in the first place! Happy Sushi! –and Halloween :)