So, always on my quest to out-do my costume from the year before, I had to come up with another recognizable character.  Now the key to this one is the TV that I’m carrying, otherwise, you may not get it.

I really wish I had more pictures of the costume, but you get the idea.  So first I had to find the baby blue footie pajamas.  This took a while of searching online.  Most of the adult footie pj’s had patterns or bold colors.  This was the ONLY pair that I could find in baby blue.

Now my hair is very dark brown normally, so obviously that wouldn’t work. I went to my favorite wig store (because I absolutely HATE wigs from the Halloween store, they look cheap and polyester).  This wig I found was the perfect shade of pale blonde, like Carol Anne.

The kicker of the whole costume is the TV.  I had to find a TV old enough to actually show static, and small enough for me to carry around all night.  After searching many thrift stores and pawn shops, I finally found this one at Goodwill a few days before Halloween.  I put batteries in the TV and it worked!  Brilliant white noise!  For the words “THEY’RE HERE!” I just printed them out on the computer, then cut each letter out and taped it to the TV screen.  It freaked people out because they didn’t understand how I got words on white noise on a portable TV, haha, they didn’t realize it was on TOP of the screen, not in the screen.

I entered a costume contest with this costume and I won second place! Won $100, which is more than I spent on the costume! So profit!

Oh, and the bonus?  Goodwill takes electronics back up to 14 days after purchase, so I returned the small TV because, really, what was I ever going to use that thing for again?  So the cost of the wig and the pj’s is about all I spent.  I’d say $60 or so.