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50+ Coolest Homemade Optimus Prime Costume Ideas

Autobots, roll out! These Optimus Prime costume ideas are more than meets than eye. In order to make the most impressive costume this Halloween, go for the coolest, transforming homemade costume. This is not a costume you can buy in a store. And check out the collection below for the best DIY costume tutorials.

Did you grow up with Transformers? Are you obsessed with the blockbuster movies? Then you will really enjoy browsing through these homemade costumes.

Designing a Transformers costume is not simple, but it is well worth the reactions it will elicit. In addition, working on an intricate costume makes wearing it so much more special.

So, if you’ve ever thought of creating homemade Optimus Prime costumes, you must check out the awesome tutorials and DIY costumes here. Once you start looking, you won’t be able to stop. Try one yourself this Halloween and be prepared for an amazing holiday!

Latest Optimus Prime Costume Ideas

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Costume by Bob M., Brielle

Transformers Costume

Battle damaged Transformer Joshua, who actually appears in your costume area as the bulldozer from the past is back. This eight year old wanted to be a transformer for his Halloween costume.

I started back in August to create the helmet by using a plastic helmet and wrapping it with cardboard and duct tape and some vinyl spackle and sanded it to make it look a little more solid, spraying the whole thing with clear to make it solid.

Optimus Prime Transformers Halloween Costume

The costume is cardboard with duck tape and krylon spray paint with lights in the eyes. Two blue lights that looked good at night not to good during the day.

Total Spent: $40

Optimus Prime Transformers Halloween Costume

Costume by Steve H., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Optimus Prime Transformers Halloween Costume

I decided to resurrect a portion of my childhood Halloween costume and made this Optimus Prime costume out of insulating Styrofoam. The chest doors open and the arm designs allow relatively easy movement. The feet are also independent of the legs to allow for actual walking (as opposed to limping along).

Total Spent: $180

Optimus Prime Transformers Halloween Costume
Optimus Prime Transformers Halloween Costume

Costume by Grant B., Vancouver, BC

Optimus Prime Transformers Halloween Costume

This costume is mostly Duct Tape (coloured) and cardboard (about 50 rolls of D.T). The helmet is papier-mâché over a cardboard frame. I used a metallic paper for the face and pipes of the Halloween costume.

Two L.E.D lights in the helmet and four $1 store flashlights mounted into the body. I took 2 photos of the front of a real truck and cropped the images (used the inside of windows part) printed them on photo paper, and then glued them behind the plastic windows. The boots are snowboard boots raised up on hard foam then covered in blue material.

This Halloween costume took about 60+ hours and $70 Canadian to make, I wanted to be my childhood hero, and didn’t expect it to take so long! (Good thing I started in September).

Oh yeah, it’s really hard to see out of this Halloween costume! Go out with a seeing-eye person to guide you around!

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