There is a family guy episode where Lois is rescued from sea by a mermaid who is a fish head and man legs. The mermaid expects sex from her and she says no because he isn’t the kind of mermaid she was envisioning. This was the inspiration for our costume, I was fish legs, human head and he was fish head, human legs.

The best part was realizing I disappeared inside the fish’s mouth when we went to kiss.

His – We papermached a wire frame and then painted it green and added some googly eyes. Bottoms are just sparkly green fabric from the store wrapped around underwear.

Hers – The top is an old bra covered in sparkly fabric with hot glued shells and netting for decoration. The bottoms were made using a pair of gaucho pants as a kind of template. I basically made two legs as wide as possible and then sewed them together and added a waist band. The fabric had a bit of stretch so that made things easier.