One-of-a-Kind Group Lunchable Costume


Halloween is by far my favorite holiday.  Every September my best friend and I start brainstorming ideas for costumes, only to wait until a week before Halloween to finalize our plans and start the work.  This year was no different.  After some intense research we decided a group lunchable costume would be perfect.  We had never seen anyone do it before and we thought we could execute it rather easily.

The Steps

  • Ham – The ham was simple made using 2 hula hoops, 1″ insulation board from home depot, a base layer of pink fleece to cover the entire costume, and a front layer of shiny pink fabric to give it that ever so lovely wet, metallic look of the ham (sounds delish, I know! ha!)
  • Cheese – The cheese was very similar to the ham.  We used 2 hula hoops, 1″ insulation board from home depot, and yellow fleece.  We added another layer on top to give it more dimension.
  • Cracker – The cracker also used 2 hula hoops, beige fleece and 1.5″ foam for the base.  We used the tufting technique with buttons (very popular with pillows and headboards) to give the hole effect. Lastly, we used arts and craft sand to represent the salt.
  • Snickers – We found the best fabric possible for the wrapper of the snickers at Joanne Farbics.  It gave the look and feel of the real wrapper but was durable enough to withstand the night.  We used felt to cut out the logo, added jagged edges for the end of the wrapper, and finish it off with velcro in the back so she could wear it like a dress.
  • Capri Sun – Last but certainly not least was the capri sun.  We definitely received the most compliments on this element.  We started again with very thin insulation board we found at Home Depot.  We covered both the front and the back with a shiny fabric that was a near replica of the actual material used for the silver part of the capri sun.  We then used large pieces of construction paper to create the blue background and yellow and red banners.  We cut out CAPRI SUN using felt and drew the soccer player.  We printed out the Wild Cherry letters, pasted them on, and then started on the best part – the straw.  We simply rolled up construction paper to make the straw itself and used contact paper for the wrapper.


The Result

After 3 hours everyday  from Sunday-Saturday and many 3rd degree burns from the hot glue gun, we had our masterpiece! Everyone really loved it and it only cost a total of $34 a person.  A little creativity and a few dozen trips to the local fabric store can go a long way!