Ah Real Monsters is a 90’s Cartoon that was on nickelodeon when I was a little kid. They recently added the show to netflix and while watching the show, my boyfriend and I decided that it would be the perfect halloween costume for us.

For Oblina, The body is made up of cut up and sewn back together black and white shirts, black and white stockings, black and white shoes, black and white gloves. Then, the eyes were a headband that I used wires and painted styrofoam balls with pipe cleaners for eyelashes. The mouth was made from felt that i cut out, sewed together and then stuffed. I attached it to a black mask so that I would be able to see out of it. For the head and tail, I cut up large pieces of felt, sewed them together and then stuffed them.

For Krumm, I found a large onsie pajama set with his face on it. We then altered it by adding pipe cleaners for under arm hair and stuffed it with bean bag stuffing until he was nice and plump. We painted styrafoam balls for the eyes and velcrowed them to the wrists of the costume so he would not lose them (like he does in every single episode of the show haha). To finish off the costume, I cut out beige table cloth fabric in the shape of large monster feet, sewed them together and stuffed them. Then we added pipe cleaners as claws.

It was hard to move around in a very crowded bar. Every single person we saw, screamed and stopped us to ask if we could take a picture with them. They would yell, “Ah! Real Monsters!” or “Omg you are the monsters from nickelodeon when we were kids!” We felt like celebrities! Everyone kept telling us that we made their night and that we were the best costume that they saw this Halloween.

Lots of hand sewing, sweat and tears went into these costumes. Since I had very limited funds I used a lot of things that I had in my craft closet. It was probably one of the best costumes I have ever made and hope you enjoy!