My school decided to put on a Haunted House for the first time ever (eep yay!), and at first my group’s part was the “backwoods rednecks”, but that was not very scary at all in my opinion. We finally got the president of our club to approve a “nursery” theme. Then the task of finding costumes came up. I decided to be a spooky twin with my best friend, another girl decided to be a doll and the last girl was to be our “caretaker”.

We all loaded up and headed to goodwill and found the perfect little dresses and such. Then Walmart for makeup supplies and the finishing touches.

Finally Saturday night arrives (10/25/14) and we are all at my house getting our makeup done by my mom, who happens to be an artist, and our president is calling us constantly asking where we are and basically having a panic attack.

My mom is rushing to do our makeup, as she spills make up remover all over the floor and counter, and finally we get finished and head to the school with my little sisters doll house, tricycle, and several barbies.

We set everything up and let the fun begin. We scared several people to the point where they fell on the ground screaming, and one girl had an ‘accident’ (oops) but the point is that it was all a huge success and thank goodness for goodwill.