New and Old Mad Hatter Mash-Up Costume

Where to begin telling you about my Mad Hatter costume? Well, I found the green velvet trench coat years ago in 2000 on eBay, but wasn’t sure what to do with it or how to make it something I could enjoy. Then, the new Johnny Depp Alice In Wonderland movie came out, so I finally had an idea.

I prefer the green outfit of the original animated Mad Hatter from Disney, so I decided to do a mash-up.

People absolutely loved the thread spool bandolier I found and my black/white/red card suite socks. I made the smaller hat from a lime green one I found online to help keep the larger one in place. I had to take apart a pillow to recover it with the right dark green.

I also found pin striped dark green pants which I put wire around the bottom to make them bell out. I could only find green slippers, so I put heart pins on the back and bangles on the top. The pink flamingo in my pocket is a Jack in the Box toy and the Cheshire Cat came from Japan because I couldn’t find one here in the U.S. that looked enough like him.

The Alice doll on my shoulder is an Alice In Wonderland Barbie and the caterpillar with hookah on the other shoulder, 100% hand knitted, I got from

I whited out my face and used green makeup to accent my eyes and lips, as well as green fingernail polish.

I had a lot of fun putting thisMad Hatter costume together.  The hair and eyebrows make it warm, but the silk shirt helps keep the coat from being too warm. I won first prize at the Wal-Mart costume contest in 2012 and I just had a couple request that I perform their wedding on 10-17-14 as the hatter, which I did.

I’m sure I’ll use my Mad Hatter costume again!

New and Old Mad Hatter Mash-Up Costume