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Naked and Afraid Costume

Naked and Afraid is a Discovery Channel show where contestants are put to the ultimate survival test in remote parts of the world completely naked. They are given a burlap sack and allowed one survival item to bring.

For this costume, I purchased a nude body suit, some grass material and string, a dark colored bead, a burlap sack, and dirt makeup. I already owned nude colored flats

On the show, many women find grass to make a skirt out of as naturally most people want to feel covered in some way. I made pixels to put over my breasts to represent the censorship on TV. 

The contestants wear a necklace which is where the microphone is, and that’s the bead necklace I’m wearing. 

I put some dirt on me as after being in the wild for several days, one does look dirty.

This can easy be a couples costume as the show follows a man and a woman. I went as a solo contestant. On the show, if one person opts to “tap out” early, the other person is left to continue the challenge.

Naked and Afraid Costume

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