After three years of boring generic store-bought costumes at college, I wanted to go out with a bang in a costume I was proud of. I always admired Wonder Woman as a symbol of feminine strength and gender equality, so I decided to engage all my crafting skills and make myself a Wonder Woman outfit. As a girl who is a little top-heavy, I was most worried about finding a top that would fit so I made this my first endeavor.

I went to a local thrift shop and managed to find a red corset-style prom dress that was a few sizes too big. I sewed it down to size and cut the top to better match the Wonder Woman outfit from the television show. I then traced out a pattern in chalk on the top piece and used about five layers of gold fabric paint to really make it stand out. Wonder Woman is known for her lasso of truth, so I cut a small whole through the fabric and tied a piece of decorative embroidering rope through it. The arm bands and crown were simply made using gold craft paper, Velcro (for the arm bands) or ribbon (for the crown), and scraps of fabric from the corset piece cut into stars. The boots I bought from the thrift store. They were black at first, but using spray paint and tape to outline the design, I transformed them into something more akin to this heroine’s outfit. The shorts are the only piece I did not make myself. To keep from going over budget, I had to buy the shorts from a costume store.

I had so much fun making this costume myself! I was able to give it my own twist while still trying to hold to the original. The hardest part was trying to keep the pins in the corset top while taking it on and off to sew it to fit me, but besides that it was really quite easy although somewhat time-consuming. Designing and creating this costume was a great break from the stress of my senior year. My friends were also very impressed by my costume. Everyone I encountered on the night of my school’s Halloween celebration could not believe that I made most of the costume myself. I was proud of my work, and I definitely felt like a strong woman of valor that night.