Mommy-Made Mad Hatter Costume for 5 Year Old

This Mad Hatter costume was designed by a mommy to make her 5 year old boy’s dream come true!

My kindergartner was watching Alice in Wonderland back to back in loop and Mad Hatter soon became his favorite character. When I searched internet the hatter costumes were either not kid friendly, or missing some important pieces of costume, or too pricy. So Mommy took control and hand-made the hat (which can fit my kiddo’s head size), a bow tie and thread bandolier from dollar tree items and put it all together with some old regular clothes and socks which the kiddo already had!

With some quick makeup… Ta-daaa! The Mad Hatter costume was ready and he became a hit in our neighborhood. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed looking at the cute hatter on their door, looking for some treats!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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