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Man in a Cage Illusion Costume

When we decided to make this Man in a Cage Illusion costume we assumed it would be fairly simple. After walking through numerous hardware stores to find material to make the cage we found out we were wrong. Apparently you cannot buy CPVC 3 way or 4 way connectors here in Canada! After a few good arguments we decided we would make our own connectors out of regular CPVC elbows and T’s. Phew!

We purchased the zoo keepers clothes and shoes from our local thrift store. We also used a snowmobile harness that we had to hold up the cage. We painted the cage with paint from the Dollar Store. The gorilla is stuffed with bubble wrap and the eye balls are Halloween ping pong balls also found at the dollar store.

This costume won the costume contest at their school. The teachers thought that someone was actually carrying my daughter in the costume.

Overall result – A month long family activity!



Man in a Cage Illusion Costume

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