Malibu Barbie and Ken Couple Costume

I wanted a cool costume this year but one that wouldn’t break the bank.  Costumes are quite pricey!  My husband and I like to go as a couple so I had originally decided we’d be tourists.  BUT, I then had the wild idea that we could be Ken and Barbie, better yet, MALIBU Ken and Barbie.  I researched making a costume and came across a couple of different options. Here is what you need:

  •  a small wardrobe box (or two) from U-Haul
  • about FOUR cans of pink spray paint
  • a Mattel logo and Barbie (or Ken) photo
  • rope from the shoulder to armpit and around your waist to keep you in place (I purchased this at U-Haul as well)
  • Optional gold stars for accent pieces
  • **I purchased plastic wrap for the front of the box, but my husband thought it made it a bit claustrophobic.

I painted my own lettering with white acrylic paint–do it in pencil first as not make paint mistakes.  And, viola, you have a Barbie box.  Not long after I showcased this look, a friend offered to buy the box from me for her daughter’s birthday party.  SO, there are many uses for the Barbie (and Ken) boxes.