Believe it or not, this costume was something I had dreamed of doing for a very long time, being inspired by its many variations and the original costume worn by the goddess herself, Lady Loki in the Thor and some Avengers comics.

When making this costume, the sewing part was easy and gluing the 10,000 sequins onto the bodice was pretty tedious. But the hardest part of this costume was making the head piece, or tiara. It was truly trial and error, using car bondo, fiberglass and resin to build the frame and (honest to god) a foam Christmas wreath to sculpt the horns.

The scepter was another deal entirely, but it was a lot of fun and I don’t have many pictures with it simply because it was very fragile and hot glue only holds for such a long time until it falls apart. (it happened at a convention, very embarrassing). All I can remember was the relief of when it was finally done and I thought it looked amazing, or until I saw other peoples then my self esteem plummeted to the ground. But I ignored as many of the people as I could who made comments about it, for instance, one girl saying how I bought everything and did not deserve the attention I was getting. Mind you, this was on social media that she said this so as you can imagine I sent her a “nice” note explaining how I felt about her comments, she never answered.

Besides that little incident, all the experiences with this costume have been phenomenal, all the smiles and photo opportunities I get with people and the new friends I make because I allow myself to be an open person to “fans”. But to sum up, this write up is the most heart changing experience I have ever had while wearing this costume. I was at Bridgeport Comicon in 2014 and I was just casually walking along with my friend when all the sudden I felt a tug on the back of my cape, so I turn around and see a small girl probably the age of 5-6 looking up at me. She didn’t say much but she walked towards me and wrapped her arms around my legs and upon doing so, looked up and said “ I love you Loki”. I FLIPPING LOST IT! I am not kidding, I was crying and so I hugged her for a good two minutes because she did not want to let go and finally she asked why I was crying and I just said “because I’m happy”.

At that point, her parents called her and so she walked back to them, waving goodbye. So after that, I needed a serious makeup job and I needed to take out my contacts and everything because I was so touched by this one girl and just to see how moving a costume can be for someone, especially at that age, is just so heart warming and brings out the true meaning of why I wear and make these costumes, not for me, but for the smile I get from everyone who enjoys them.