I put my all into Halloween every year and am addicted to illusion costumes. I started working on this costume in July (I had to pace myself as I suffer from a long-term illness). I am no longer able to work, so I was determined to make some big money using my creativity. My hard work paid off! I entered two costume contests in one day and won first place in one, and third place in the other!

‘Mike’ the magician (named after Mike Ehrmantraut from Breaking Bad) was created from many E-bay purchases, including a mannequin torso, latex mask (I even ‘tattooed’ the back of his head to cover an unsightly seam), black suit, bow tie, top hat, bloody satin gloves,homemade eyeballs and mustache (which I made using my own hair, kind of gross, I know). I made his hand-saw from cardboard and spray paint.

I constructed my severed legs from inflatable mannequin legs, complete with nylons with fishnet stockings, sparkly shoes and intestines! The guts were made from paper towels, saran wrap, fishing line and food coloring. I didn’t have any brown/gray food coloring for the large intestines, so I made my own using dark eye shadow and mud mixed with water. I taught myself how to sew and attached identical jade-green sequins from my top to the skirt for a cohesive look.

I wouldn’t fit into the car in full costume, so I had to get dressed at the costume contest itself. I thoroughly enjoyed all the comments, questions, stares, and photos taken of me. I really enjoy the social aspect of dressing up. Every time I walked into the restroom, all the ladies would scream and cover up because they thought ‘Mike’ was a real man walking into the ladies’ bathroom! I also had one woman that said my costume looked so realistic that she couldn’t stand to be near me, and she left immediately. A few people came up to me and told me that they thought ‘Mike’ was a real person. Haha, good times!

I already have big plans for next year, can’t wait!