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Littlest Wolfman Homemade Halloween Costume

I wanted to make a traditional monster costume for my 16 month old son, but I didn’t want to do anything scary, so I decided on a cute littlest Wolfman homemade Halloween costume.

This costume ended up being a little more difficult to make than I had originally anticipated, but I was happy with how it turned out. I bought 3 yard of faux fur, 3 yards of cotton for lining, and red plaid for the ripped shirt. I measured my son and cut the fur into two pieces that I could sew together into a jumpsuit shape. I cut the lining fabric into the same shape and layered it on the fur, pinned it all together fur side in, and sewed around the edges with a heavy thread. I turned the entire thing right side out, cut a slit for the zipper and sewed the zipper into the upper back of the fur suit.

Then I made the head of the costume by cutting out two circular pieces of fur and lining fabric, and 4 small triangles of fur for the ears. I sewed the triangle ears leaving the bottom open.  I cut a hole for the face in one side then pinned the pieces fur side together with lining on the outside and the fur ears in between the layers facing down. I sewed along the edge leaving a hole at the bottom for the head to go into and then turned it right side out. I then made feet by cutting the fur into a 2 dimensional foot shape with toes and sewed them onto the front, bottom of the legs on the fur suit. I added hooks and eyes to the suit and head to hold them together. I then made a plaid button down shirt by laying one of my sons shirts down on the fabric and tracing it. I cut two layer of the fabric, sewed them together to form a shirt shape, cut down the front and added a couple buttons. I then sliced the shirt in a few places so the fur would poke through, and cut button holes.

The best part of the costume was that it was so cold on Halloween this costume kept my son super warm and comfy!

Littlest Wolfman Homemade Halloween Costume

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