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Little Red Riding Hood Pet Dog Costume

Found the cutest Little Red Riding Hood costume for my girl dog but I was having a hard time finding a wolf costume for my boy dog so I decided to make one instead.

For the fur, I used stuffing that came out of an old dog bed. It just so happened that it was brown stuffing instead of white so it worked out perfect. I cut out the ears from cardboard and glued them to the shower cap. I than glued the fur around the shower cap, ears and also on the gown’s collar. When I put the gown on my dog, a lot of the fur fell out but I didn’t want have to take it off to fix it because I knew he wouldn’t allow me put it back on. Some old reading glasses finished off the look and that’s pretty much it! Super easy to make and didn’t cost me anything!

Little Red Riding Hood Pet Dog Costume

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