Little Lucky Leprechaun Homemade Halloween Costume

As with most schools today students can not dress up to celebrate Halloween.  My son’s school offers “Dress like a book character day” for the kids to celebrate “Fall Festival day.”  The rules are that they can’t be super heroes or princesses and they have to bring the book of their costume to school with them and read it to the class.

My son is Little Lucky the Leprechaun.  I love making costumes instead of buying them since it makes it more meaningful and fun!

So with felt, paint and some imagination we duplicated him to match the book.  We even had his bucket be a pot of gold by hot gluing coins to the lid and he would lift the lid and in exchange for a piece of candy he would give them a 4 leaf clover that we had made with felt and glitter glue.  Everyone thought that was such a great gesture and so cute.

The best part was when he won “Best Costume” out of the whole class and when I picked him up he said… “Mom… You always make your kids look awesome!”  It was worth every minute that it took to make it!

Happy Halloween!

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