Ever since my dog was a young puppy she liked to be held on my hip like a toddler and everyone always commented on her coat. Growing up, Lamb Chop was one of my favorite shows and while toy shopping for her birthday I found a toy of Lamb Chop and noticed how similar she looked to my baby (dog).

Lamb Chop became her favorite toy and she would even sleep with it similar to a little girl and her teddy bear. So for Halloween I decided to make her into into my very own lamp Chop that I can hold her on my hip to resemble the ventriloquist aspect of the old kid show. I ran out to the store where I bought felt and cut out the shapes to make her eye lashes, buttons and gloves.

The costume was simple to attach to her fur with small bobby pins. It was so funny looking at her because she looked almost identical to the puppet Lambchop down to the big black felt eyelashes. She felt a little funny walking around with the gloves on her paws but within a few minutes she was walking around without a problem. My family saw her walking around the house and told me how unique the costume was and how perfect it was for her. I don’t know how I’m going to top this next year but I hope next year I make something equally as unique as this Lambchop costume.