For months leading up to Halloween my five year old daughter Harper had a new idea of what she wanted to be. First it was a snow leopard. Then after I handpainted some old boots with fabric paint, Rainbow Bright. Then a peacock princess. Then Ciifford. I told her that once I started making her costume she was locked in. She decided upon a bluejay for reasons still unknown and I started sewing. This actually worked out great because we had an old baby chicken costume in storage that we used for my one year old son, Hugo, hence our theme of little birds. Hugo made a perfect chicken down to his bowlegged, slightly off balance baby toddle, his long hair hairsprayed in all directions, and his grumpy disposition at being subjected to wearing a chicken costume. We almost didm’t make it trick-or-treating because the world has never seen such a grumpy, bad tempered chicken. Feather were strewn all over our living room and front porch as we tried to wrestle Hugo into his costume and get him out of the house. Things did finally improve and once we got out, my husband, who wanted to abort the night after Hugo, a.k.a little chicken, threw a fit, basked in all the attention our little birds received. Harper flew around all night shouting “tweet” and Hugo charmed everyone. Who can resist a one year old enveloped by yellow feathers?