Inspiration for our Lisa Frank Costumes

When deciding on Lisa Frank costumes I knew I wanted to try for a central theme so everyone in the family could be matching. My mom always made my costumes growing up and I found it so meaningful.  It is also so fun to be something original. I had continued the tradition by making my own costumes as I got older and am thrilled to bring it full circle making them now for my children too.

Being that I am 33 weeks pregnant, I was looking for something maternity oriented for myself and hoping to then have everyone else come together with that. I decided early on that I wanted to try and be a gumball machine but wasn’t sure if I could make it work with a theme.

I spent months trying to figure things out playing with different notions, even thinking I would have to ditch the gumball machine idea. Until one day I was in my attic organizing some things and came across some Lisa Frank reusable bags I had mixed in with my gift bags and wrapping paper. I put them aside thinking the girls might like to play with them; it was silly to have such pretty bags tucked away.

Treat Bag Idea

It wasn’t till later that it dawned on me that my girls could use them as treat bags and be Lisa Frank characters to match. They would work perfectly with the Gumball Machine too! Lisa Frank has always been a favorite of mine. I always had the folders, pencils and trapper keepers growing up. I even had the gumball machine sleeping bag!

It was perfect just the theme I was looking for. But there was still the need for a costume for my husband. Though he is normally up for anything, I didn’t think it would be fair to force him into a 90’s Lisa Frank neon painter panda costume so I had to get creative.

A quarter was a perfect fit! Pun intended! Bahaha. Yes, I know, a little naughty, especially with the baby in there.

I was so giddy when the idea all came together. My Husband loves to refer to me as the Crazy Holiday Party Mom, like it is an alternative personality that takes over when I get excited about planning for festivities, which I do a lot.

Creating the Rainbow

To make the costumes I wanted to stay low budget. For the girls I picked up the white one piece suits on AMAZON; they are the brand Pajoggers. They were the most expense parts but I figure the girls can wear these around the house and for jammies this winter, so it was justified.

Then I picked up all the colors of rainbow fleece from Walmart where I found it the cheapest. I was able to cut and sew on most of the fleece for the Unicorn costume with my machine only having to hand stitch the horn and heart patch after machine sewing all the colored strips together.

The Tiger Costume

The tiger was a bit more work because I could not do the arms and leg stripes with my machine. In the end, I had to hand stitch all of them. I learned what thimbles are for, Ouch!

I didn’t think to sew on the stripes to the tail before creating and stuffing it so I used fabric glue to attach those. In order to design the costumes, I just looked at various clip arts of the characters.

We already had their pink shoes and sunglasses!

Gumball Belly Costume

For my costume I used a white maternity shirt that I have had since my first pregnancy and got the red skirt from a friend. I had to pick up the beret on Amazon, it’s my favorite part, it totally completes the look.

The pompoms on my belly are all hot glued. I used ribbon to create a bow to act as the turn style and layered the pieces of grey felt to give depth to the different parts of the machine. The three Lisa Frank Charms I made with Shrinky Dink as well as the gumball machine earrings.

Quarter for Your Thoughts

For my husband’s costume I went to the Official State quarter website and printed of the face and a Texas reverse because that is where we are from! Then I cut them out, laminated them, and duck taped them to the front and back of his shirt.

Feeling the Lisa Frank Costumes Love

They were very well received by everyone especially the ladies of my generation, all mentioning their own love of Lisa Frank growing up. Especially mentioning things like how they had the unicorn trapper keeper or the white tiger was their favorite.

The initial reaction was always great. I loved people picking up on how I had handmade the Lisa Frank costumes and all the work I did to put them together, it made it that much more worth it. Some people had to ask unaware of what Lisa Frank was, though they all still loved the costumes. How could you not with those bright colors and happy girls dancing around shaking their tails?!

My favorite part was everyone who made comments on the naughty angle of our couples costumes. All the giggles and smiles. It was all just too much fun.

Reflections on the Lisa Frank Costumes

From making the Lisa Frank costumes to wearing them I just loved every minute of the process. Seeing the girls in them just melts my heart. I have had them hanging in my living room since I finished making them because they just make me happy.

It makes me glad to be passing on such a great tradition of crafting and also sharing something I loved from my past with my girls. I have great memories of my mom sewing things like costumes at our dining room table and that is just where I also take on my projects.

I think it is so important for children to see that things don’t always just come from a store.

We are expecting our 3rd girl, Eleanor, in December. Bridgette is 2 and she is the Tiger she likes to say mama ask me what does the tiger say? Then when I do she says ROAR and holds up her claws!

My oldest daughter Lorelei is 4 she is in the Unicorn costume, she likes to talk about how Mama made her costume with care and love. I am not sure where she came up with it but it makes me well up, probably my pregnant hormones but it is something I will remember forever.

I look forward to having these pictures and memories for years to come.

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