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Everything Is Awesome, Including These DIY LEGO Movie Costumes!

Every year we have the kids (aged 11, 9, 5, and 4) brainstorm on a common theme for Halloween, then we try our best to make it happen! The idea of doing the LEGO movie costumes seemed simple enough, but in reality it took all 6 of us pulling in all of our talents to pull it together.

Once we got the kids to agree on a particular image of their character, (i.e. His eyes aren’t open wide enough, or her mouth isn’t open) we set to work.

Creating our LEGO Movie Costumes

The bodies themselves went rather quickly.  The kids took turns applying the base coats, and well, Lego characters are pretty simple in design.  My daughter really wanted to be in a dress, but we knew this would be difficult to walk in.  Therefore, Wyldstyle was composed of 2 different boxes, velcroed together.  This way when she realized she couldn’t walk with much efficiency, she could remove the skirt and still be in costume.


The helmets were a bit challenging.  It took us 5 hours and 8 stores to find the right sized items for LEGO heads.  Eventually, we settled on Cheetos containers for our 2 little guys, and bathroom waste baskets for the rest of us.  Though my confidence in paper mache-ing has grown through this project, and believe I would choose to do that  instead.

We then placed the ‘heads’ on the kids (AFTER placing patting needed in the top, a lesson learned hard after the first time!) and ‘poked’ their heads to judge where their eyes were.  Then drew a rough sketch of each character, and make sure the eyes matched.  We have a cool heated exacto knife and cut through the eyes and mouth appropriately, then sand the edges smooth.

The hair and helmets were a bit of a scavenger hunt: 2 waste paper basket lids, 3 plastic bowls, and random shapes of cardboard.  As long as the rough shape was there, it was good enough to paper mache.  Let them dry and paint.

LEGO Movie Costumes Reactions

All and all, the greatest take away are the memories my children have of us all working together as a family in order to produce something wonderful and creative that we were able to share with the community.  Another favorite part of the project was watching my children walk down the street of the parade. Feeling like celebrities as they wave and pass out candy to their family and friends.  There are so many positive aspects to themes and dressing up as a family. I hope my children never grow out of the many joys that Halloween provides. And I know the memories made will be carried with them, to their own families in the future.

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