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Last-Minute Sexy Beer Can Costumes

First we took saran wrap and wrapped each other up in it. It’s a little awkward at first but we had some fun with it. Make sure you make it a little longer at the top than you think you will want. Then you cut you duct tape into strips and do the front side, one strip at the top then the back side, one strip on the stop and so on down your body until you get to the bottom. Then you cut up the label from a beer can box and tape that on to yourself with clear tape.

And there you go, you are a beer can. It is super easy and a fun time! Everyone loved the original idea. It’s a little hard to go to the bathroom but it was worth it cause you look so darn cute. Everyone at the parties wanted to take pictures with the beer cans!

Last-Minute Sexy Beer Can Costumes

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