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Last Minute “Triple D’s” Stay at Home Mom Group Costume

We are the triple D’s! We each had our own thing going on, so collectively we became the “dark angel”, the “devil mama”, and the “ditzy clown”. We originally planned on attending some Halloween themed parties, however, the three of us friends, and stay at home moms, just couldn’t afford it after our kids costumes and their parties and the loss of our jobs recently due to covid-19. We didn’t even have much money for costumes!

So we dug deep in our drawers and came up with an old dress, a tutu, and a poncho, and added simple things like long sleeved shirt and leggings, all from our closets! Angel wings were made with a couple of wire hangers formed into wing shape with a pliers and glued on feathers from my art supply (thank goodness I’m an artist :). I did the face paint with our own make up supplies, and halo is a strand of tinsel attached to my head band!

We had fun getting ready and even although we had nowhere to go to have fun and show off our costumes, we still enjoyed Halloween just the three of us at home when all the kids were crashed out from their sugar highs!

The triple D’s is because our costume names all start with a “D”… lol

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