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Last-Minute Starbuck’s Frappaccino Homemade Costume

After ordering a costume on the internet and trying it on and HATING it I was in a last minute costume frenzy to figure out what I was going to wear! I was having a Halloween party at my home and officially had no costume. I made a trip to my favorite Starbucks before heading to the craft store. After I got my beloved coffee, I instantly knew what I was going to be!

I headed to Hobby Lobby and grabbed felt, ribbon, tulle, and other small things totally under $20. I headed home and “whipped” up my new costume and it was a big hit! Other than the constant itching of the felt all night, I felt that my costume was the best at the whole shin dig! My frappuccino costume also featured a checklist on the back with boxes marked “Whipped” “14 shots” and “sexy”. I am happy to tell you that even after 14 shots my straw stayed on all night. I’m so glad my pre-packaged costume didn’t work out after all!

Last-Minute Starbuck's Frappaccino Homemade Costume

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