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Last-Minute Homemade Hamburglar Costume for a Woman

One of the easier costumes I’ve ever pulled together was the Hamburglar costume! I found a dress online that was black and white striped that gave me the idea…  you can probably find some combination of a striped top/skirt or just use a recycled referee costume!

The red gloves are those shiny prom gloves, just cut short. The red tie I borrowed from a friend and printed/cut out pictures of clip art hamburgers. I stuck them on with tape but they kept falling off so if you *aren’t* expected to give the tie back I would use hot glue!

I had the mask and cape already from a previous costume, and the hat is typically sold as an accessory to a Zorro costume (added the yellow ribbon with hot glue). The socks/leggings are sold at American Apparel/hot topic and easy/cheap on eBay.

The best part was that I don’t actually eat meat, so I went to McDonald’s and bought a bunch of hamburgers to give out to my meat-eating coworkers. Everybody loved that!



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