This Bic Lighter was one of those last-minute costumes the day before Halloween. I used an appliance box that I spray painted, a piece of metal that I had laying around my house for the part the flame come out of. You can easily use cardboard and wrap it in aluminum foil. I used ribbon and some tulle for the flame. The hardest part was figuring out how to keep the main body of the lighter to stay on me.

The thing that makes the costume is the printed out Bic label and warning I taped to the sides, this made it more recognizable and fun. I did not make this one very complex, but this is a fun last-minute costume that is easy to make. Also, this costume allows you to dress warm for walking through neighborhoods with kids. I wore a turtleneck and was plenty warm on a cold Oregon Halloween. If you have problems finding a large enough box, I would recommend going to a store that sells appliances and asking if they have any extra boxes.