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Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love DIY Couples Costume

My wife and I wanted to do a couples costume for a party. We are both fans of 90’s grundge music so it wasn’t long before the idea of Kurt & Courtney came up.

In classic 90’s fashion, we were off to our favorite costume store… you guessed it – Goodwill. Some of the best DIY costumes are pieced together at thrift stores. And it doesn’t cost much, which helps your budget.

We picked up my sunglasses for $6, her vintage nightgown for $10 and the vintage men’s cardigan for $12. Next we picked up the “90’s Guy” wig and tiara at party city for $22. That made a total of $50.

Since I already had the clothes for Kurt, it was just a matter of layering – our outlook in 1992 was cold and bleak, so we dressed accordingly.

Since the look of Courty Love is “Hot Mess” my wife ratted out her hair, smeared on lots of red lipstick and went heavy on the eyeliner. She made it looked like she had been up for 3 days. Next she ripped up a pair of fishnets and put on her old Mary Janes.

So for a grand total of $50 we had great costumes that everyone loved. The true test of a homemade costume is when you don’t have to explain it. People see you and the know exactly what or who you are.

Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love DIY Couples Costume

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