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Coolest Homemade Toothbrush Costume

This toothbrush costume is part of a trio of costumes that I made for my three kids Halloween costumes. Jacob (age 8) is the toothbrush Caitlin (age 6) is the toothpaste and Jocelyn (age 3) is the dental floss. Everybody thought they were so cute especially our dentist. One of the pictures is of all three of them with our dentist ironically named Dr. Sugar.

For the toothbrush I bought about two meters of satiny but strong material from Wal-Mart. Then I had my son lie down on it and I traced his body since I didn’t have a pattern. I then cut it out and sewed it with my sewing machine. Then I decided to use the Oral-B logo so that it would be more recognizable. The bristles were the hardest part to figure out how to make. I finally used some cardboard to make a hollow frame from which I cut out holes on the front. I stuffed the holes full of drinking straws from the dollar store so that they would look like bristles. Then I covered it in the same material as his body.

Toothbrush Costume

The beauty of it was that I made the costumes roomy enough for them to wear winter coats underneath if the weather was cold.

Total Spent: $10.

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