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Coolest DIY Mailman Costume

My husband is a mailman so my son decided that is what he wanted for his kid Halloween costume!

We took a plain pair of navy blue pants. Then I got a blue/denim button up the front shirt and sewed a postal patch on it. We bought my son a sun helmet, hip pouch and mailman socks from a uniform store. He used the hip pouch as his mailbag and that is what he put his candy in.

I took the mail socks and cut them down to his size and then sewed them back together. Then we found him a pair of black shoes and a black belt and he wore my husband’s watch. I also got him a badge holder and we made him his own ID badge!

This kid Halloween costume was really great. Not that expensive and he loves to dress up in it all the time anyway. Everyone loved it. We got so many compliments and no one had ever seen a mailman kid Halloween costume on Halloween before.

The best part was my husband delivers mail in our own neighborhood so it was great to take our son trick or treating where my husband delivers mail. People really got a kick out of it especially since my son looks just like my husband!

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