With me it was pretty simple, I found a great black dress and just dolled it up a little with ruffles and a flower and then went and gathered neon colored accessories.  I even dyed my hair black so that I would be in full Katy attire. My husband wore a black button down with a black vest and a pair of skinny leg black jeans.  He was not happy about the skinny leg jeans me tell you lol…then we just added a crazy long rocker wig on him with lots of leather and silver jewelry.

My makeup helped me as well, I used blue mascara and a bright bright pink lipstick.  I had so many people stop and ask us to take photos with them!!!  Every corner we turned I would hear Katy, Katy can we get a photo of you and Russell.  I sure felt like the POP PRINCESS that night. It was lots of fun.