Every year, we decide as a family what our Halloween costume will be.  Always homemade.  Last year, we went with Disney’s Jake and the Neverland Pirates Family Costume since this is our 5-yr old’s favorite show.  Each costume was pieced together, using the actual cartoons as a guideline.  It took weeks of hunting down items….one-by-one until the outfits were complete.  Captain Hook’s costume was the most commercialized as we struggled with making this from scratch, due to costs.  Overall, the theme was/is creative…..and far different from anything else we’ve seen.  So you’re aware, we are:  Jake, Cubby, Izzy and Captain Hook.

While our kids are still young enough to enjoy Halloween, with us, we’re having fun with it!  This year, we’re tossing around a few other ideas.  Until decided, we’ll keep our ideas to our self. Stay tuned as you may see us again soon! 

Hope you enjoy………..and ships ahoy!