Halloween is a tradition with our group of friends, there is nothing like going out and being ridiculous with the people you enjoy the most. Every year we all get together, have a party then go out on the town. Last year a few of us went out as a theme and had an absolute blast. We decided this year we wanted to do a theme as well.  Our theme was “liquor cabinet” Everyone in our groups would dress as their favorite alcohol.  Not everyone was able to do so, but a few of us did and we had a blast. My best friend and I are are notorious for drinking Jager bombs, everywhere we go everyone calls us the Jager girls. We even have a group of four of us that are appropriately named “The Bomb Squad”.  We have nicknames, numbers and t-shirts…all because of our love of Jager and the crazy times that we have had because of it.  This year my best friend and I decided to be Jager and Red Bull.  Here is how we made our costumes:

Jager  (Me): I first ordered a car decal online, I knew I would NOT be able to draw or paint the Jager label.  The dress is made out of shiny green spandex/polyester material, it was a pain to sew but it was worth it.  The hat is made out of a popcorn container I got at iParty.  I cut the top half off and then made a top out of some extra cardboard I had.  I used a glue stick to put green ribbon around the bottom and printed off a picture of the Jager cap to put on the top, along with the arrows on the side.  I made earrings out of the bottle tops and I added knee socks and a pair of green Chucks to finish it off.

Red Bull (my BFF): The dress is made with the same spandex/polyester material in silver and a more silky material for the blue.  We spent a few hours just measuring and sewing these dresses. They took quite a bit of time because the material was such a pain.  Unless you have patience I would not recommend this type of material!  The Red Bull logo is made out of felt and glue gunned on.  My BFF did this completely free hand. Props to her!  The hat and tights were bought at Good Will and the shoes were from last years costumes (score!) Her daughter helped her make the bottle tab to add to the hat.

One of the most fun parts of Halloween is the prep and excitement that goes into planning your outfit, this year didn’t seem to fail!  We had such a blast showing off our costumes and everyone who knows us loved the idea. included a photo of some of our liquor cabinet.  Friends went as Allen’s Coffee Brandy (popular in Maine, Google it!) and milk, Coors light and Champagne.