Jack Skellington And Corpse Bride Costume

We wanted to dress up as Tim Burton characters, so we decided on Jack Skellington and the corpse bride.

I made the head for Jack Skellington out of papier mache. I covered an inflatable ball with cling film, and put 2 or 3 layers of papier mache (using old newspapers) over it. I didn’t want to use too many layers so it wouldn’t be too heavy to wear.

I painted it white, then drew on the features. I cut a hole in the smile of the mouth so he could see out. So that the head would stay in place, I deflated the ball I used as the mold and stuffed it inside. I made the dickie bow from soft plastic.

For the corpse bride, I bought the corset, and black flowers. I took some of the flowers apart and sewed them onto a hair band, along with an old net curtain for the veil. I layered old curtain lining and stiff net for the skirt. Ran out of time to finish it, so ended up pinning myself into it on the night.

The costumes went down very well on the night, there must be about 200 strangers with our photograph stopping us on the street.

3 thoughts on “Jack Skellington And Corpse Bride Costume”

  1. WOW the head is so cool, love the dress too, its better than some I’ve seen. It’s so cool. The head must have been hard to put on to was it?
    any ideas, I’m moving in October and don’t have a lot of time to put a costume together.

  2. the best I’m from India and I don’t get a lot of stuff for make up as you guys do. So its harder to find and also the thing is even if I do its way expensive so yea! But this one is quiet easy and worth a try! thanks a lot, love your ideas.

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