Incredible Optimus Prime Transformer Costume

This Optimus Prime Transformers costume was not an easy project. My son, who is 6, loves Transformers, his favorite is Optimus Prime. He wanted to be Optimus for Halloween, but he wanted it to actually transform.

I know you can’t just go to your local halloween costume store and pick up a “transformer” so I set of on a mission to make his wish come true.

For days I collected cardboard boxes, any kind and sizes. Once I had enough boxes I started trying out different ways to make it look like an eighteen wheeler. Once I had that done, I had to figure out how to make it “transform.” After lots of trial and error, I finally got it.

The head was the easiest, because it was basically one big box. Then the arms, and legs were a bit of a challenge, mostly to figure out how to add the wheels. Painting it took much patience and time. My son helped me throughout the whole project. Every time we had a chance we would set everything up in our living room and start cutting and gluing boxes. He is the one who came up with using flash lights as headlights.

The best part of this Transformer costume was spending time with my son and working on something that was special for him. Now that it is completed he wants to show it off to everyone, he can not wait for Halloween so he can wear it for trick or treating. He has only shown a few people the costume but everyone is truly taken back when they see it.

Most of the reactions are “Oh my God, you made that yourself?” and “Wow, that looks awesome!” The transformation is drastic from start to finish. This will be something my son will always remember, that is what counts most for me!

Incredible Optimus Prime Transformer Costume