Hysterical Homemade Costume

Chas, the bearded lady giving birth, found the idea for this outrageous costume by searching the internet using the head line “halloween costumes you can’t unsee”.  Once he saw the inspriation for this costume on a random blog site, he immediately knew it was the one. Chas created the entire costume out of cardboard and duct tape (I mean, look at those legs! they even have anatomical knee caps!) and he attached backpack straps to the cardboard table that he is wearing underneath that nightgown (he got it at Ross).

The girl being birthed is Amy, Chas’ fiancé, and was so dedicated to the performance of this costume that she walked on her knees all night at the costume party they attended (thank god for knee pads!).

When we got to the costume party, everybody COMPLETEY LOST IT. Before we knew it, every phone was out and there wasn’t a dry eye in sight – we were told it was “utterly hysterical and completely terrifying.” We had THE BEST TIME in this costume and are going to hold onto those legs for a long time (how can we not reuse this?!)  We are already discussing when will be an appropriate time to show our future children this picture….and we cannot wait.