This Hot Taco Bell Sauces Girls Group Costume was my costume last year for a Halloween party and got tons of compliments!! It was extremely easy to make and super cheap for those worried about a pricey costume.

With two of my other friends, we each bought a shirt for the color of the sauce we wanted to be  (fire=red, hot=orange, mild=yellow). We got it as big as we could so we could cut it right under the sleeves horizontally so it was now a strapless dress.  To make it tighter we cut up the sides and tied it tighter.

After we fit it to each of our bodies we hand painted with puffy paint the words of our sauce and the sayings on the front and on the back we wrote “think outside the bun” on our butts. We even made earrings with actual sauces just by puncturing an earring piece through the sauce.

All we bought were the shirts which were 3-4 dollars each.