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Coolest Hot Air Balloon Costume with Lights and Flames

We made my son a hot air balloon costume with lights and flames a few years ago. This was one of the simplest costumes I ever tried! We created a frame from PVC pipe, painted it brown and attached it to a basket with the bottom cut out. We put  a big beach ball on the PVC frame and covered it with striped satin to look like the balloon. We had flames hanging down from the bottom of the balloon – strips of red material with a flickering flame light inside.

We made sacks out of burlap, which we used for sand weights on the outside…except the one in front for candy. He had an aviator jacket, but we never got a picture of him in it. We did attach a bungee cord to the basket which went over his shoulders to help him with the weight. Everything was great except for the big gust of wind that knocked him over while he was trick or treating! Ha!

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