I took weeks to get these two costumes done – the cape alone took weeks to do and 15-20 yards of material.  The pigs outfit was a brand new pair of overalls that was soaked in bleach and shot with a shotgun. For the shoes, I had to buy two pair of shoes that have thick soles. For Orlok, I ripped the soles off of one pair and glued them to the other so he would stand tall.

The Masks are made of 100% silicone.  The Orlok has silicone arms that come up about 3 inches above my elbow.  The mask and the hands/arms make the costume really stand out.

The pig outfit was brand new overalls that we soaked in a tub of bleach for a few hours to get the years of wear and tear. We took the overalls out to the shooting range and shot them about 4-5 times to get the holes and wear and tear of the outfit. We took some fake blood and poured all over the overalls to make them look bloody.

We entered the Orlok in 3 contests locally and won all three the first year. The next year we entered the costume in the same contest and won again. We took them to the casinos the next year that are about 1 1/2 hours away and won one and 2nd in the other.

This year we are thinking of taking the costumes to the casinos in New Orleans and a few contest down on Bourbon street. The cape was made from 15-20 yards of material.   The outside is black and has a rippling effect and a maroon crushed velvet lining adores the inside.  Around the sleeve cuffs  and around the v-neck is cream off white colored lace.