Homemade Zombie Costume

This costume was so much fun to create. The weird looks, the awesome responses and the scared kids we epic. My son had fun spraying me with fake blood too.

I ripped up and old pair of pants and old shirt. I bought a flannel at the thrift shop for $1 and ruined it. I had 3 silicon wounds and fake skin.

The real fun part was applying the makeup. I used spirit gum to apply the wounds and the pull apart fake skin on my face and arms. Once set and dry, I took black makeup and smeared around my eyes. Then used green to day on my face by rubbing my hands and dabbed and blended with my fingers. Then rubbed it on my neck, arms and hands.

Once everything was done I took zombie blood and had my kid spray me all over my shirt, face and pants. Then I took a bottle of fake blood and poured it on the wounds and smeared it. Everyone loved it!