My 9 year old daughter is as twisted as her mama. I couldn’t be more proud. She loves anything scary. Loves zombies and so when she asked if she could be a zombie for Halloween I was ecstatic. Most girls wanted to be cheerleaders or princesses, ewww. So we hit the stores. We got our makeup, blood and extras. We began with a little foundation. Then added in a little deathly white. Next we built her cuts. We started with the store bought cuts but we couldn’t stop there so with the help of some latex and toilet paper we were able to make them a little bit grosser and a little realistic.

We finished the makeup with some stage blood. The best part is we had  her flower girl dress which we dragged through the dirt, cut up and added blood. Then we dirtied her hair and added the silver hairspray. For me being an amateur and her losing patience after about an hour it came out pretty good. Everyone we passed that night was loving it and we had the joy of scaring a few people. After we passed one set of kids a boy said Mom she was super scary! It couldn’t have gone better except next time we are painting the whole body it was the only thing that was a little off but at night you couldn’t really tell. Her adding braaaaaaains or low guttural uhhhhhhhh made it even better. It was so much fun I should have did myself too!