This Wonder Woman Costume was my favorite costume I have ever made. It took me a very long time to make but it was well worth it. I exceeded my expectations of how it would turn out. Not only does this costume have a detailed top and bottom but it has many little pieces such as the belt, arm pieces, head pieces and the rope.

I couldn’t find cheap gold lame fabric for the belt/arm pieces/head piece so I found cheap shiny gold leggings and cut them up into pieces to create the things I needed to. I laced the corset with thick gold string similar to the rope so that it would have a cohesive feel to it. The shorts I made shorter than I intended to but I think it worked out well. For the embellishments on the top of the corset I found in the fabric store a long string of gold fabric that had adhesive onto the back of it so I was able to mold it and stick it on and it was shiny.

For the belt I turned it backwards and used it like that, covered it in fabric and made a diamond shape for the front and a red star. If I wasn’t set on having a new costume every year I absolutely would wear this over and over and over again.